About Amy

I have been sent here to awaken, activate and equip lightworkers for Divine service. For those just awakening, I do a Soul Discovery session to determine what your gifts are, who your guides are and what your soul came to accomplish. I do this through accessing the Akashic Records and directly channeling information from the highest realms. For those already on the journey who may be struggling, I do a Mediumship Reading to find out why you're struggling and how to move forward. I also offer healing services to clear what is preventing you from stepping into your power as a lightworker. The other role I play in your spiritual growth is as a mentor. I offer one-on-one mentorships to not only develop your gifts but to help you build a business doing what your soul came to do. If your calling is Earth or Celestial shamanism, Reiki healing or mediumship, I have classes that will certify you in those areas as well.

Education & Training

We are celestial beings sent on a Divine mission of service and that's not a message the general public understands. I do. I am a trance medium, Reiki Master Teacher and a full mesa-carrying shamanic practitioner of the Incan tradition. In 2018, Spirit began telling me how to adapt Incan Shamanism so that it would appeal to the modern generation. They told me to call it "Celestial Shamanism" and to standardize the teachings. So, I am literally writing the book on Celestial Shamanism.   I plan to publish the book in fall 2019. I have a Bachelors in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and am currently working on my Masters. I intend to pursue my Ph.D. I mentored with Ahni Atkins, who is a shamanic practitioner and amazing medium with extensive training at Lily Dale and the venerable Arthur Findlay Institute.